Toca Hair Salon ChristmasUsually opening the Advent Calendar is the biggest thing my kids do on December 1st, but this year, they gave Santa a haircut. And a shave. And then dyed his hair pink. And none of it put them on Santa’s Naughty List.

Yes, Toca Boca, one of our favorite app designers is at it again, with an app that is as total fun for the holidays. But unlike all those toys that’ll need to go in the sleigh, this app is totally free.

Following the same format as the much-loved Toca Boca Hair Salon, this Christmas Gift Toca Boca app has the man in red stopping by the salon for a little pre-holiday freshening up. Cut his hair, comb it every-which-way, even shave it or dye it any color under the rainbow, and Santa will sit patiently. As an extra Christmas treat, there are even balls, baubles and bows that can be hung all over poor Kris Kringle.

As if this isn’t surreal enough, there is even an animated Christmas tree that can take a turn in the salon chair—-I guess Rudolph was busy—and the fir’s, er, needles can be trimmed, combed and decorated too. Let’s just hope they don’t try to do this to our real Christmas tree.  –Christina

Download Toca Boca Hair Salon Christmas Gift for free at iTunes.