lifeshock waterproof iphone case
When my kids kept going on and on about “Daddy’s new waterproof phone,” I had no idea what they meant. Didn’t he just get a brand new iPhone 4S? Then he showed it to me–and indeed, it’s a new waterproof phone. Thanks to the case.

The Lifeproof iPhone case seals your phone against shock, impact, and the elements, like Ed Harris suiting up in The Right Stuff. It’s a great gift for a cook who’s always got his phone in the kitchen, a beach bum, an avid skier, or just a parent of toddlers who is inclined to get a little too close to the bathroom with your phone in hand when you’re not looking.  You can even take it up to 2 meters underwater, should you want to play around with photos when you’re snorkeling. 

On the down side it’s $79.99. But if you’re a beach bum, a ski bum, or a really sweaty tango dancer, it’s probably worth every penny. –Liz

Find the Lifeproof waterproof iPhone case for iPhone 4 or 4s in black, white, purple or pink, online at Lifeproof

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