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If Santa hooked you up with some sweet audio equipment over the holidays like me, then the first thing on your list should be cool headphones. As much as I’d like to think my family wants to hear yet another round of Billy Joel’s greatest hits (Piano Man, c’mon!), I imagine they’ll be grateful if I keep it to myself more often than not.

Here are three really different, really cool over-ear headphones in three different price ranges that go beyond the boring old black ones that you might have thought were your only option.

These fun, bright headphones work with any standard mp3 or music player
and personality. I’m loving the Sloane Picadilly (pictured upper left.) And for
just under $30, they make a fabulous tween or teen gift too. 

Skull Candy Aviator Headphones
Skull Candy Aviator
If you’re more swanky than flowery, the Skull Candy Aviator headphones
might be more your speed. Or sound. Inspired by aviator sunglasses with
contour fit, a tangle-free cord (with a volume control), and comfy ear
cushions, these headphones are head turners. And they’ve got the price
tag to prove it. 

Fanny Wang Custom Headphones

Fanny Wang Custom Headphones
The custom series by Fanny Wang let’s you personalize almost every
aspect of their well-loved headphones. Just choose your series and pick
your colors. If you’re not quite sure where to start, they’ve got an
inspiration gallery to help get you on the right track. Now when someone
asks who designed your headphones, you can tell them that you did.

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