Leather camera bagYou love your new DSLR and you want to take it everywhere. But between the diaper bag, your purse and holding the littles’ hands while they cross the street, there’s just no way you can take along one more bag or one more thing. And let’s face it, those black nylon camera bags shaped like an oversized loaf of bread? They’re pretty ugly.

Thank goodness some smart designers have started creating camera bags so amazingly cool, you’ve got another excuse to bring along something more professional than that point and shoot.

The Libby bag from KellyMoore (at top) is my go-to bag. Inside, it’s built like a camera bag with adjustable padded dividers. But there’s also room to safely carry my laptop, moleskine, and an extra diaper or two for the babe. With all that room, it makes a great carry-all for traveling.($249)
Epiphanie camera bag
Epiphanie camera bags are a longtime CMT favorite, and are either carried or coveted by almost every photographer I know. The Lyric style (one of our 2011 Picks of the Year) even has a safe little pocket for your iPad. If you got your hands on one of these beauties, you’d realize they’re not only great for toting your gear, but beautifully made with buttery soft leather. Is it wrong that I want to snuggle my camera bag? ($154)
Camera bag inserts - turn any handbag into a camera bag
Have a bag you already love and don’t want to give it up?  Camera bag inserts can turn almost any bag into a camera bag. They safely slip inside your bag and protect your valuable DSLR and gear. Such a genius idea! (From $40-$60) -Molly
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