MLK ReadeezMy kids are getting old enough to understand that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s message of equality, fairness and tolerance is just as important now as it was back when he was alive. And today on his observed birthday, I have found a great way to reflect on his best-remembered words with a little help from one of our favorite educational resources, Readeez.

Using the super-accurate Readeez Syllable Sync, where text appears on screen in exact timing with the words spoken, the ending of Dr. King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech appears against a quiet black-and-white photograph, all designed to make Dr. King’s speech even easier for kids to digest.

I love that there is one static photo and not scrolling images, so as not to distract from the words both spoken and read. Also, you can stop at words like “prodigious” and “Alleghenies” to explain their meaning. 

For those too young to understand concepts like “segregation,” this is a great starting point for discussion. For older kids, and their parents, it’s powerful testament to how meaningful Dr. King’s words still are today. -Christina

Watch Readeez Let Freedom Ring video on their website or download it at no charge. You’ll also find a couple of great ereaders about Dr. King’s life in last year’s post.