There’s nothing my kids like more than being read to at bedtime. Whether they’re dog-eared or digital, calming, whispering affairs that encourage them to catch their forty winks are the usual go-tos, and Robot Blue From Planet 22 is no exception.

In clever ebook Robot Blue from Planet 22, the charming story centers around a sleepy blue robot who has lost his “off” switch. In true techno fashion, he can’t power down for the night without it, which means kids get to tag along as he searches for the missing switch.

Soothing background music, illustrations done in twilight blues and greens, and narration with a British accent set a decidedly mellow mood, while more than 50 interactive, animated elements–R2D2-esque noises, popping bubbles, catching stars, flying spaceships–give the preschool-going set plenty to explore before they hit slumbertown.-Pilar

Robot Blue from Planet 22 is available on iTunes.

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