Kids' music download of the week: Kira Willey
Though it is always about 100 times messier when my kids want to help in the kitchen, I’ve always loved their help. And since this is great cookie-baking weather, I’ve found a sweet little tune to play while we get busy stirring, taste-testing and, of course, cleaning up.

With a lovely, somewhat breathy voice, pretty harmonies, and guitar picking along with the melody, Kira Willey’s The Mixing Bowl has a chorus that will run round and round your head for a long time. And that’s not a bad thing.

The Mixing Bowl comes off of Kira’s second yoga-for-kids themed CD’s Dance for the Sun: Yoga Songs for Kids. But this is not your typical kids’ yoga music with bells and OM. In fact, there is no Downward Dog or Salute to the Sun in the kitchen at all.

Instead, this quiet song reminds me of those tender moments when a little hand is helping put some extra love into our baking. As long as they wash their hands first. –Christina

Many thanks to Zooglobble for providing a free copy of Kira Willey’s The Mixing Bowl for you to hear and download. You can also buy a download from our affiliate Amazon.

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