The New Year gives us all the opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate, and to that end, a clean screen. After hearing some horrible statistic about our cell phones having more bacteria than a handle on a public toilet (ew!), I realized that anytime is a good time to clean my gadgets.

Here are a few options for sanitizing those gadgets and keeping them clean:

Wireless Wipes (above)
These wipes are intended for every gadget imaginable from cell phones to laptops and tablets. Since they are specifically meant for tech toys, they are non-corrosive and non-streaking, and best of all, come in fancy scents like Green Tea Cucumber, Rosemary Peppermint and Pomegranate Citrus. ($2.95 for a pack of 10 wipes)

Clean your tech with CleanWave Santizing Wand

CleanWave Sanitizing Wand 
If you want a higher tech option for your sanitizing needs, consider the Sanitizing Wand from CleanWave. Using Luke Skywalker motions, simply wave the wand over whatever surface you want to sanitize (keyboards, screens and more) and rest assured that they’re getting clean. Would be great for general use around the house, too. ($69.99, CleanWave.)


Clean your phone with Violight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

Violight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer
Speaking of UV light, here’s another device that’s designed specifically for gadgets. Simply pop your cell phone or MP3 player into the unit and let the light zap away the germs. This also comes with an accessory basket to hold smaller items like headphones. ($37 from Amazon)


iSkin keyboard covers for Mac

We have the keyboard surfaces covered, but protecting them from all the crumbs that fall in between is another issue. And this is where Mac users get the upper hand. iSkin keyboard covers are made of soft and flexible silicone that go right over the keyboard, creating a shield from spills and remnants of your child’s Cheerios. (Prices start at $24.99, depending on model)