Oh Appy Day! gives you the scoop on the coolest apps from some of the coolest people anywhere. This week, Jessica Alba shares three of her favorites!

I have a few favorite apps for entertainment, because my daughter has the attention span of a cockroach. She likes the Poppit Game where she gets to pop all these random things. She also likes Cookie Doodle–you can email yourself the little cookies they do which is a nice little touch.

We also really like FirstWords: Animals (above) which is a great spelling app. There are quite a few FirstWords apps–we like the Spanish one too. It starts by spelling really basic words, and has a cute little animal that spins and then tells you out loud what the word is.

She’s three years old, so she’s got about 3…maybe 4 minutes max per app. Just enough time for Mommy to make a quick phone call, order some food, or change the movie. –Jessica Alba

oh appy day!Download FirstWords: Animals, $1.99 with a free FirstWords sampler game you can try. Poppit Game, part of Pogo Games, is $1.99 at iTunes. Cookie Doodle offers a free lite version, or $.99 for the full version at iTunes

Jessica Alba is not only an acclaimed actress, she’s also a proud mom to two daughters, and the cofounder of The Honest Company, a brand new line of affordable, non-toxic, healthier baby products from diapers to sunscreen to laundry detergent. Also, she’s super nice. And we love her.