After a tragic juice box diaper bag incident, my first iPhone was never the same. With my new phone, I do my best to keep it away from sippy cups, wet counters, and bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean it’s not at risk. So that’s why when I heard about a waterproof smart phone coating, I thought this might be the answer to every parent’s dreams.

Liquipel does exactly as its name sounds: Repels liquids off your smart
phone that has been treated with a special waterproof coating. Instead of a
case, this is actually attached to your phone and all its inner
components, but invisible to your eye. And they promise it will not
interfere with the look, feel, and performance of your smart phone.

To get started, you need to make sure they can service your particular
model (both Android and iPhone). Then you pick the plan, which is based
on how quickly you want your phone back. While we haven’t tried it yet ourselves, for $59 (and up), this might
just be the smartest way to keep your phone protected against the
elements. And by that I mean children. -Kristen

Would you get Liquipel for your smart phone?

[ht apt therapy]

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