A house full of gadgets means lots of chargers, so any way that I can cut down on the wires and the energy bill will get my attention. And that’s exactly what happened when I saw what SolarFocus is launching at the CES Conference this week.

I can’t wait to take a peek at their new surprisingly sleek SolarKindle cover, which uses solar energy to charge a Kindle for up to three
months under normal sunlight. Wow! Just one day in the sun will give days of reading time. Plus, the reserve battery runs an LED light for nighttime reading — up to 50 hours worth before the battery drains — and can also be utilized to give extra charge to the Kindle itself.

You will pay as much as the basic Kindle for the SolarKindle, priced at just under $80, however, being able to go chargerless for so long could definitely be worth it, not just in convenience, but in saved energy too. -Kristen

So, would you buy a SolarKindle for your e-reader?

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