Amana Jot Writeable Refrigerator
can’t write on the walls. You can’t write on the cabinets. You can’t
write on the appliances.

Or wait. Thanks to Amana, actually, now you can.

The Amana Jot is possibly the coolest
refrigerator ever. It has everything you need in a smaller fridge–adjustable glass shelves, crisper drawers, and that ever popular ice maker. But it has one feature we’ve never seen before:

The entire
front of the fridge is dry erase.

We’ve been testing a
Jot, and I have to say that I’ve never seen children so involved with an

The Jot comes with two dry erase markers in black and blue,
but obviously you can buy an entire rainbow of other markers for full-color fun.
My daughter loves to practice
writing, since her kindergarten spelling mistakes can be immediately
erased and fixed. It’s perfect for grocery lists (take a smartphone shot and bring to the store) or just jotting phone numbers. And it would be a handy way to communicate with my
husband, if he ever looked at the messages I leave on the freezer.

But of course, no one’s going to buy a fridge just for what’s on the outside. This one has handy front controls and cools evenly, and the glass shelves clean
easily. Do be aware however that the Jot is a smaller fridge–while most home refrigerators are about 18-22 cubic feet, this one is 17.6. If you have a bigger family or need a lot of freezer space, it might be better as a second fridge in
a rec room or basement.

Persnickety moms might also find that it can
get dingy-looking quickly with markers in the hands of little kids, so you need to be up for a
daily wipe-down to get it glowing white again. One other minor issue: the sides are
decidedly not dry erase, so you’ll need to lay down the law if you
don’t want to look at smiling squids and zombie flowers for the rest of
your refrigerator’s life. 

if you want to have the coolest rec room, basement, or apartment in
town, before you’ve even stocked it with ice cream, the Jot is a truly interesting fridge for the money.~Delilah

the Amana Jot Refrigerator currently on sale at Home Depot for $584. Thank you to Amana for providing one for review

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