If you were lucky, Santa brought you a brand new shiny gadget for Christmas. You may be donning a super chic iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy, but also may be wondering what to do with your old phone.

Of everything I use Amazon.com for, one thing I’m really excited about is the Amazon Trade-In Store which lets you sell back–even buy–used devices. Not only can you sell back mobile phones in exchange for merchandise credit, they also accept digital cameras, DVDs, Kindles, GPS systems, gaming systems and more.

All you have to do is go to the site and type in the item you want to trade in. When I used “iPhone 3GS” for example, I was given a quote of $113 for an item in “Good” condition. Considering that’s two models ago, that’s a pretty good price. And it actually priced higher than on Gazelle, a similar trade-in site, which made me an offer of $102.Just keep in mind that Amazon’s “Acceptable” rating means that the phone still turns on and is in workable condition, and wasn’t dropped into the toilet by your two-year-old.  -Jeana

Visit Amazon Trade-In to find out just what you could get for trading in last year’s tech.

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