custom kindle cases
I am looking for Kindle Fire cases that have cartoons and such. You know, the cool ones the kids want. –Tamra

While we’re seeing a lot of iPod touch cases with characters on them,
not a lot of parents are buying Kindles for their kids yet–which would
probably account for a limited selection of character cases.

A great option is to create your own. Caseable lets you customize a Kindle case
with one of their cool pre-made designs, or an image that you upload.
Grab your favorite image of Foofa, Spiderman, Stimpy, Phineas, the whole
Aqua Teen Hunger Force–whatever your kid is into. Even add a name or
monogram. And if you happen to be my mother-in-law, then your kid can do
Spongebob too. –Liz

Grab your own custom Kindle case for 3rd Gen Kindle or the Kindle Fire online from Caseable for just $44.90.

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