Not surprisingly, we’re big fans of the cool dads of the world. Not only are they really good at assembling cribs (when we don’t feel like it) and doing all the silly voices for the bedtime stories, but a lot of them are pretty amazing bloggers too.

So we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the first ever Dad 2.0 Bloggers Summit in a few weeks–especially because our own Kristen Chase and Julie Marsh will be among the speakers. (Hey, moms can speak to dads, right?)

Dad 2.0 Summit is all about the online voice of fatherhood and how perceptions are changing about what it means to be a dad.

Just like the annual Mom 2.0 Summit, where our own Liz Gumbinner will be speaking in May (we are very busy with summits!), Dad 2.0 is going to be a great conversation between bloggers, brands, and social media pros. Oh, and it’s in Austin during SXSW. (Whoo!)

If you’re interested in joining us March 8-10, there’s a fantastic lineup of speakers, including keynotes Guy Kawasaki and Jonathan Fields, plus social media rock stars like CC Chapman, Ken Denmead of Wired’s Geek Dad, Esquire Editor-at-Large AJ Jacobs, Glen Stansbery of Gentlemint, and of course, Kristen and Julie.

And did we mention it’s in Austin??

EXTRA COOL: Join us at Dad 2.0 March 8-10 and Cool Mom Tech readers get an exclusive discount: $50 off registration with code “coolmomtech.” But act fast, because tickets are almost gone!

[image: karen walrond]

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