Foursquare Explore feature
I’m envious of so many friends headed out for winter break this week (lucky!). If you, like them, find yourself in a new city without a good grasp of what are the most kid-friendly locales, you may be interested in the updated Explore feature on Foursquare

If you’re a Foursquare user,
the Explore feature is a way for you to get information on what’s around you by
checking neighborhoods you’re not even in — so great for
planning purposes. As you know, hungry kids and not knowing where a
restaurant is – never a good combination.

But what differentiates Explore most from the more commonly used Yelp app and Google is that you can
get personalized recommendations based on where your friends have
checked in, which is particularly awesome when you’re in your own ‘hood.
That means you’ll know that the new pizza place your friend Jenny took her
kids to earlier that afternoon is a good bet. Also, the mobile app lets you select filters for locations based on certain friends or locales you want to track. Handy! -Jeana

Check out the updated Explore feature on Foursquare. And if you’re wary about using it with kids, make sure to see our guide on how parents can stay safe on Foursquare.

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