I’m already thinking ahead to spring cleaning and redecorating, with plans to paint a few rooms. And luckily, I just discovered an awesome site by Sherwin Williams that I’ve anointed as my own Next Big Thing for you home decor fans–after Pinterest, of course.

The Chip It app by Sherwin Williams in action

The Chip It! web-based
application by Sherwin Williams is an incredible resource for anyone
who likes matching colors, exploring paint samples, and oh, wasting time
on cool websites. You provide it with a photo that you want to match
colors with, and it instantly pulls up a whole palette of paint names
that match.

So for example, say you want to create a room around a specific piece of furniture, photograph, or these awesome Girl Empowerment art prints (see above) that we recently featured on Cool Mom Picks. You can either download the Chip It! function to your toolbar, or do
what I did and just paste in a URL of a color palette you want to
create.  Voila – there’s your paint matches.

This is such a
helpful resource. The one minor downside to this site is that to save
your palettes, you have to log-in through Facebook. It seems like more
and more sites are doing this nowadays, but if you want to avoid that,
you can simply create jpegs of the palettes for color inspiration. So
great.  -Jeana

{via Apartment Therapy}

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