iPad USB Flash DriveIf I have a complaint about the iPad (and believe me, I don’t have many) it’s the lack of USB ports. So when I saw this new gadget that’s coming out just for people like me, you can bet that I added it to my wish list stat.

Touted as the only iPad USB Flash Drive,
this handy little device will let you wirelessly upload movies, music,
documents, and photos to your iPad. Just pop in the 8G SD card that comes included, and then share your files without having to dock your iPad.

Up to six devices, both iOS and Android, can access the flash
drive at one time with a free app you can download.

Even better, you can pop your camera’s SD card into the flash drive so that friends and family have instant access. All this in a gadget that’s the size of a pack of gum. Awesome. -Kristen

The iPad USB Flash Drive is expected to ship on 3/9/12 exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer.