Mini 2 in 1 iPhone charger kitIf you live in an iPhone household like I do, then you’re probably up to your ears in those white charging cords. Well now that I’ve discovered these bright alternatives, there will be no question which cord is mine.

The brightly colored Mini 2 in 1 iPhone charger kits
come in a slew of bold hues, which mean you can actually put away the
white cords, along with your slacks and shoes of the same color, at
least until Memorial Day hits. Ha!

Out of the seven color choices, I’m
partial to the purple myself (pictured). But considering they’re only a
couple of bucks, I might just buy a few and coordinate with my outfits.
Just kidding. Sort of. -Kristen

You can purchase the Mini 2 in 1 iPhone charger kits at

{via Geek Sugar}