It’s only every four years that you get an extra day, so I’m thinking it’s the perfect time to step up my game and get a little more done before March starts. Now while I couldn’t track down an app to finish up that last load of laundry, these three popular apps will help you streamline a few other important tasks in your life, so you’ll have extra time for, well, laundry. At least if you’re me.

I always have about 40 different to-do lists going at one time, which isn’t such a bad thing, except they’re written in various notebooks and on scrap paper scattered around the house. So stop reinventing the wheel (and wasting paper) and get TeuxDeux, a simple, free browser-based app (with an iPhone app integration) that keeps track of your lists, and lets you move items and cross them out with ease, get more things done.


After my husband called me to get my sick kids’ personal information while I was away on business a couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided that I need to make better use of my Dropbox account. You can securely store up to 2G of free documents, files, and photos which are accessible from anywhere by anyone who has your account information. I’m hoping it saves me lots of time digging through our lock box–and texting back and forth.


As much as I love Pinterest, I find myself getting lost in the amazing photos and suddenly a few hours have gone by and I forget why I was there in the first place. So I’ve decided to start using Evernote to help me get more organized. I can use it to prioritize all my important tasks, like possible preschools for my kids next year, and keep track of inspiring articles I’ve been meaning to read (and blog about)–saving Pinterest for the fun, late night hours that I should use for sleeping.

So tell me, what are your favorite productivity apps? And if you’re looking for more cool apps to help make your life easier, check our archives!