Nextdoor social network for neighborhoodsBetween work and home, I’m swimming in emails. So if one more person asks me to join an email list, I think I might scream — even though that’s really the best way for many groups, like our neighborhood, to communicate. So when I heard about Nextdoor, you can bet my interest was piqued.

is a free site that allows you and your neighbors to communicate, share
ideas, and yes, gripe, all in one, secure place. Aside from being able
to blast out notices, classifieds, and those “Hey, has anyone seen my
son’s bike?” messages to the members, I like that everything you post is searchable,
which is really helpful when someone asks for a dentist recommendation and then a
new neighbor posts the same question a few weeks later.

And while some ‘hoods are already using services like Facebook or Big
Tent (like ours) to communicate, this might be perfect for those of you
who are still stuck using Yahoo! or Google email lists. Of course, the
challenge will be to get everyone to join “yet another thing,” but
once a few see the benefits of the site, this could become “yet another
very cool thing.” -Kristen

Check to see if your neighborhood is on Nextdoor. And if not, consider starting your own group. It’s free!