Presidents vs. Aliens
This Presidents’ Day, between shopping for a car (heh) and going to crowded play spaces with every other kid on their day off from school, find a quiet spot and spend a little time flinging presidents at alien attackers. Don’t worry, it’s way mellower than that play space will be today.

The much-loved Presidents vs. Aliens app we reviewed before is still one of our favorite educational games. As ridiculous it may sound to slingshot president heads at aliens, this game is no joke: The questions will challenge the noggin of even the biggest history buff.

And as someone who can’t play Tiny Wings without getting stressed out (yes, it’s true), Presidents vs. Aliens lets me chill and really think about the questions without the adrenaline-pumping of so many games. 
And if I get the kids to play along with me, there is no need to tell them that they are learning history on their day off from school. That can be our secret.  –Christina
Check out our full review of Presidents vs. Aliens which can be downloaded to your iPhone and iPad. 

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