You might have noticed that last Tuesday’s Google Doodle was a beautiful illustration in honor of Charles Dickens’ 200th birthday. But did you know that Valentine’s Day marks the great author’s celebrated trip to America, where he was feted with a grand gala and fifty jellied turkeys?

Okay, we didn’t know that either. What we do know is that we love the modern twist of great literary tradition and beautiful design in this gorgeous gadget dock.

Right around the holidays, we grew smitten with the Pride and Prejudice iPod dock from RichNeeleyDesigns on Etsy. And now, in honor of Charles Dickens, we’re bibliofangirling all over the Oliver Twist iPod dock.

Cream and black matches any decor, and pocket watches are hot again. Even hotter? Plugging your gadgets into the prettiest dock on the desk. The charging cord is well-secured to the book, but you do have to provide your own USB cord for iPod or iPhone. Trust me, this charming orphan won’t be homeless for long.~Delilah 

Find oodles of gorgeous gadget docks made from a variety of new and used books at the RichNeeleyDesigns store on Etsy. They have some other Dickens classics, including A Christmas Carol and Bleak House, which is a gorgeous red edition covered in bird cages.

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