Kids' music download of the week: Queen's We Are the Champions
Whether you watch for the football, the commercials or just show up for the Super Bowl snacks, it’s a fair assumption that a good many of us will tune into the Super Bowl today. And since most of us will get behind a team (I made it pretty clear where I stand), we’ve got a classic to download for the day, or anytime you need a go-out-and-get-em song. . .like Monday morning before school if you let the kids stay up for the whole game.

We Are the Champions by Queen should be instantly recognizable to anyone over the age of  ten–or anyone with LEGO Rock Band in heavy play at home.

Another reason to love this song with kids is there are no questionable lyrics or double entendres, making it safe for just about anyone. That is probably more than I will be able to say about Madonna’s half-time show. –Christina

Download a copy of Queen’s We Are The Champions for only $.69 at our affiliate Amazon.

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