Urbanears headphones
While we’ve been looking at a lot of red tech around here lately, I was so excited to get a preview of the new spring/summer collection from Urbanears, makers of those affordable and stylish headphones for those who like their techcessories beyond black.

Cream, grape, indigo and sage round out the gorgeous selection of over-ear headphones and earbuds, including the really innovative Medis earbuds
which keep the buds in place a bit away from the ear canal, so your
balance won’t be affected when you’re walking and listening at once–good choice if you tend to use yours for your smartphone.

Urbanears headphones
Personally, I like the regular Plattan headphones which are perfect for catching movies on the iPad when traveling–and looking chic while you do, bad airplane hair not withstanding. They’re lightweight, the sound quality is quite good, and they pinch my ears way less than some of the pricier ones I’ve tried. I’ve seen a few reviews that complain about discomfort but I can only imagine they’re comparing them with earbuds (or have really fat heads)–these seriously are comfortable.

I also like that the cord is longer than most, and fabric-wrapped so it’s less likely to get gnawed to death by my cats.  But what’s really cool is the “ZoundPlug” which lets anyone tap into your sound source via your right earphone, without a splitter.

But those colors? The gorgeous colors? It just proves that woman can not live on black alone. And I say that as a New Yorker. –Liz

Find the Urbanears headphones online from their website, or from our affiliate Amazon

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