If you read Eva’s Lorax movie review on Cool Mom Picks, you’ll know she loved (we’re talking loooved) it. We know the reviews have been mixed among adults, but one of the things I hope that everyone can appreciate are the number of environmental charities and incentives tied in with the film. In my opinion, that kind of beats Happy Meal toys.

One of the cool things Universal is doing is partnering with HP, to help support the World Wildlife Fund, and I think it’s the kind of program your kids will love; especially if, like mine, they see a movie then spend the next six months talking about it.

Considering it’s Earth Hour Day, it’s a perfect time to check it out.

HP and The Lorax

HP’s the Truffula Project
is a handy app you can access through their Facebook fan page. Log in
(pretty basic stuff) and it offers simply environmental challenges that
your family can do, or pledge to do. Thinks like turning off the faucets to
brush your teeth, pledging to refill a plastic water bottle instead of tossing it, or just answering some trivia questions.

Every series of challenges helps you “plant one truffula seed,” i.e. donate $1 to the WWF towards reforestation programs.

The whole line about “print like the Lorax” is a bit of a stretch to me (something tells me the Lorax isn’t a very high-tech guy),
but HP has always had a good print cartridge recycling program and Energy
Star-rated printers, so it seems like a reasonable fit. Plus they’re encouraging the purchase of reforested paper, which I like. 

As of now, they’ve collected just around 15,000 seeds which, honestly, is lame, considering HP will donate up to
$60,000 to WWF. So get on it!

This is a great opportunity to help an awesome
charity while getting your kids talking about the environment.

And, talking more about The Lorax. if you can stand that part. –Liz

Join HP and The Lorax through their Facebook Page, and help them donate $60,000 to the World Wildlife Fund, one of our favorite charities. You can also make your own donation, right through the FB app.

And psst…it’s Earth Hour day, also organized by the WWF. Turn off your lights for one hour starting at 8:30PM your time if you want to participate and find green tips from the Lorax here.