As much as I try to follow our own working parents’ organizational tips, keeping the inevitable piles of paper clips, coins, and other junk continually takes over my desk can seem like an impossible task. That’s why when I saw this cool gadget, I think I heard the organizational angels singing.

This beautiful ambidextrous keyboard tray
is hand-sculpted from solid black walnut or laminated hardwood, and
works with your wireless Mac keyboard and trackpad, whether you’ve got a
desktop or laptop (Sorry PC users). But it’s the handy compartments on the side that I love most,
all of which are carefully sized to help you keep important–or not-so-important–stuff tucked away and off your desk.

Don’t worry, the non-skid pads keep it from sliding around. And if,
by chance, you’ve got a teething toddler, the tray has a food-safe
finish. Hey, we’re parents. Stranger child/food-related incidents have happened. -Kristen

You can purchase the ambidextrous keyboard tray for your home office at hekseskudd

Thanks for the tip, Sarah!

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