Smart phones. Bracelets that track your heart rate and the number of steps you walk each day. A self-adjusting thermostat. Gadgets are getting scary smart, right?

And we just found out about the smartest toothbrush in the world, powered by Bluetooth, and promising to improve dental hygiene. Consider our geek piqued.

The new Beam Bluetooth Toothbrush coming out in March is so much more than a bristly plastic brush. The brush connects to Bluetooth via an Apple or Android app to record data each time you brush, like number and duration of brushing sessions a day.  Beam has plans in the future to upgrade the brush with sensors to keep track of things like where you concentrated your brushing, and spots that could use more attention.


Do most adults needs this sort of information? Maybe, considering that the average person brushes for only 46 seconds when we should be brushing for 120 seconds. But we know plenty of techy kids whose attitude might go from “Do I have to?” to “Can I brush my teeth again?” just for the chance to enjoy a high-tech toothbrush that somewhat resembles a lightsaber. –Delilah

Find out more at the Beam Toothbrush website. It costs $50 with replacement heads at $3 a pop.

via geeksugar