Tech Candy interchangeable iPhone cases
I’m definitely intrigued by the concept behind Tech Candy iphone and iPad case sets. They’re kind of the best of both worlds–two interchangeable soft cases in different colors, plus a hard shell, plus nice style. Okay, so that’s three worlds. But you can see why this is a cool concept.

I find the idea of Tech Candy cases
rather clever. You get a three piece set which includes two different
grippy silicon cases, so you can change your color with the season or
heck, with your outfit if you’re that kind of gal. Then you get a cool
outer shell that looks a bit like a white trellis, in styles like Bordeaux (above), an Asian-inspired Shanghai, the very pretty Tibet and my favorite, Barcelona.
There are also designs with happy faces and guitars which I’m not
personally keen on, but your tween or teen will probably love.

tech candy iphone cases

The nice thing is, say you love the Barcelona case but you don’t love
the lime green and brown case that the set comes with, order another one
in violet or yellow or a very pretty blue, for just $10.99. Also
consider the blush pink iPhone shell with a portion going to support worldwide maternal health through Circle of Health International.

Here’s one more nice touch: If you love your combo so much, you can download screen patterns to match. Fun!

Just forgive the fact that the website is a bit of a pain to navigate (and ignore
the photos of the chick with the long white fingernails). I’ll have to presume
the company is putting all their energy into making cool cases, not
flawless websites. –Liz

Find the 3-piece, interchangable iPhone cases from Tech Candy cases where you’ll also find  iPad cases and iPad 2 cases–and lucky you, iPhone 3 and 3G holdouts–there are even options for you too.

[h/t sally smith]

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