Boo Box bamboo Instagram frames
Now that photo apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic have made square photos more common, it was only a matter of time before someone got into the frame game with options made just for our collective iPhoneography obsession.

Hatchcraft is a nifty little company that’s making eco-friendly bamboo shadowbox style frames for Instagram photos called the Boo Box. You upload an image and they’ll send the whole thing back professionally mounted and purdy.

Choose from a sweet 4″ square size–or 7″ if you’re feeling confident
about your resolution (and don’t still have that iPhone 3).

If you want to save a few bucks, or think your best photo is yet to come, you can order the Boo Box blanks
which come with a proffesional acid-free adhesive so you can DIY with
the mounting. Because as fun as it is to share our pics on our Facebook
walls, there are some that deserve a space on our home’s actual ones. –Liz

Check out the bamboo Boo Box frames for Instagram photos online at Hatchcraft

[ht mashable]

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