Take an iPhone video of yourself (for once) with the iFilm tripod
Out of sheer convenience, my iPhone has become my de facto camera and video camera to record all those precious kid moments. But in looking through my thousands of photos and videos in my library, I realize that I’m actually in about three pictures and in no videos. Hmmm. 

While I don’t plan on completely handing off my photographer/videographer duties, I would like there to be some semblance of my presence when we are watching these videos in the future. This cool iPhone accessory is made for that very thing.

is a Kickstarter project right now, and looks like a great way for me
to insert myself into any videos we take. It’s a simple tripod for your
phone that allows you to record video horizontally or vertically –
basically one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” products. 

It’s already garnered a lot of attention has
met its monetary goal of what it takes to move forward with
distribution. For $15, you can pre-order the iFilm from the Kickstarter
page and receive it when the project kicks off in May 2012. A simple
piece of plastic and you’re back in the game–or at least the videos.  -Jeana 

Pre-order your own iFilm tripod for the iPhone on Kickstarter.

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