I have no qualms about professing my love for the Instagram app, which is probably one of my favorite ways to capture images of my kids on the go. So when I heard about a new app that lets you play memory with your Instagram images, I had to take a peek.

You don’t necessarily need to have the Instagram app to play Instamatch, but I’m not sure I’d download it without being able to play with your own photos; that’s definitely the appeal of the game for my kids. Once you sync up your account, you can choose from 1-4 players, as well as different levels, whether it’s easy, normal or hard — with moving pieces! Then you are offered a couple of playing options. With the user photos, you match similar pictures based on themes like cities or food; so two cool Eiffel Tower photos or shots of espresso. Then with your own photos, you match exact photos that can be refreshed for each game.

I’d definitely put Instamatch on your iPad versus iPhone, even though it’s a 2-for-1 app (works on both). And while Instamatch app might not necessarily be aimed at kids, that’s who had the most fun with it in our house. Just make sure your Instagram photos are kid friendly before you load them up. -Kristen

You can buy Instamatch for iPad and iPhone on iTunes.