HoverBar for iPad
So you’ve got the iMac. You’ve got the iPad. And now you’re realizing that wait…you might even need to use both at the same time. Say, if you want to have a Facetime chat while searching the web or reading through a Powerpoint deck. Or when you want to keep that Words with Friends game going even as you’re uh, very busy doing important work.

Well then, HoverBar is a great solution for those things and a whole lot more.

The HoverBar for iPad clamps to the back of your desktop computer on one side and then holds your iPad 2 securely in place with the other. It’s flexible, so you can bend it to your will (literally) but it’s super sturdy so it’s not like it will slowly wilt when you walk away, smashing your beloved tablet to the ground. 

Even if you don’t need your tablet connected to your computer, I really love the idea of keeping my iPad raised above the mess on a kitchen counter, to the shelf where the audio speakers live when company comes over, or just clamping it to a tabletop to keep it elevated while both of my kids watch a movie without hovering over the screen. 

I knew the HoverBar would be thoughtfully designed, because it hails from twelvesouth, the same folks who make fantastic Apple-lover solutions like the BookArc, or the brilliant PlugBug, which I now never travel without. Can’t wait to see what they do next. –Liz

Find the HoverBar for iPad online from twelvesouth

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