Like so many of us, Judy Blume’s books hold a prominent place in my memories and in my heart. They took me from slightly confused tween to slightly more confident teen, and the themes in her work still resonate with kids today. So why can’t today’s kids read her books online? Well, now they can with her new series of ebooks that Random House is about to release.

Judy Blume has been delighting, informing, and straight up comforting kids for over 40 years. Starting March 21, ten of her titles will be available electronically wherever Random House books are sold. That means you can Nook your Superfudge or Kindle your Deenie. Three more titles will be released at a later date. And Blume’s bestselling chapter series based on the siblings from The Pain and the Great One is already available in e-book format for younger readers.

I love that I will one day be able to share Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret with my daughter, remembering how much it meant to me at the time. But that’s way, way, way, way off. Thank heavens. Plus I hear they changed the part about belted sanitary napkins to something a little more 2012, so that’s one less bizarre discussion about life before the internet and neon-colored tampons.

Find the first collection of Judy Blume e-books where Random House books are sold online–meaning everywhere–starting March 21.  Also find out more at and hey- you can follow Judy Blume on Twitter!

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