Many of you photo-clicking moms like me may be starting to panic just a little with the closing of Picnik next month. But along with the other Picnik alternatives we shared a couple of months, we’ve found another awesome solution and in our opinion, it’s even better than Picnik itself!

Enter PicMonkey–an online photo editing site that is fast, totally free to use. No paying for extra features, edits and effects.

To get started, simply drag a photo right from your desktop onto their front page and you’ll be taken straight to all their editing features. You can do all the basics–like crop, rotate and adjust your photo’s colors, but that’s only just the beginning. Every photo effect you loved from Picnik is there, from vintage and cross process to HDR, film grain, and Lomo. And if you’re tempted to edit your photo ten different ways, you have all kinds of tools to adjust the effect’s strength to get just the look you want.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite effects–there are still other great options, like “makeover tools” to make your teeth whiter, your skin softer, your wrinkles smoother, and why yes, you can even shed those ten pounds the camera, or that last baby you had, adds.

And you bloggers or scrapbookers, PicMonkey also gives you the option to add cool little graphic overlays and text to your photos that can be completely customized by style and color to fit the look you’re going for. I’m thinking blog banners and buttons just got a whole heck of a lot easier to make.

PicMonkey is so fast, powerful and easy to use, we bet you won’t shed another tear over Picnik again. -Molly

For more information on PicMonkey and to get started editing your own photos, be sure to check out their website.

{via MrLady}

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