Jonathan RichmanThough you’d have to go pretty far back in my kids’ family tree to find any Irish blood, they still get as excited about St. Patrick’s Day as kids do with any holiday. And while I love lists of kids-friendly Irish jigs and folk songs, I also love finding something that sounds different from what is considered “traditional” at this time of year.

So, in this spirit, check out a song about some leprechauns who just can’t keep away—-not from that pot of gold, but from good ol’ rock n’ roll. 

Rockin’ Rockin’ Leprechauns by 70’s & 80’s punk-influencers Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers isn’t an Irish song in the traditional sense, and it isn’t even a children’s song. But its 
kid-friendly lyrics and retro-rock sound are so fresh, we’re adding this to our regular playlist.
On St. Patrick’s Day, this get-up-and-jump-around-the-room song will fit in very nicely with all those jigs too. -Christina