Natuzzi high tech sofaI’ve liked Natuzzi sofas for a while. You get nice modern lines for not too much money–let’s say it’s not IKEA but it’s not Roche Bobois either. But I’m seeing them in a whole new way since catching a glimpse of this cell phone charging concept sofa.

The charger is built right into the arm rest which, let’s face it, is
where we all tend to throw our phones anyway. And hey, at least you
could always find your phone in the living room. Plus it’s got built-in
speakers you can connect to any MP3 player.

Of course I would like it if you could cover it with something when not
in use–because knowing my home, that slot would be covered with peanut
butter and cat hair in no time. –Liz

[h/t jadelily]

What do you think? Cool or crazy?