Mother's Day gift idea: Floral iPhone caseMother’s Day will be here before you can say “breakfast in bed” and, this year, I know exactly what I want. It’s flowery, it’s lacy, it’s sooo pretty.

And my iPhone is going to look gorgeous in it.

The Blossom cover
for iPhone 4/4s is utter sweetness–but, make no mistake, it’s tough
when it comes to protecting your phone. Its sculpted design is made for
easy gripping, but if you do have a momentary
case of butterfingers, the cover is specially designed to protect all
potential impact points, meaning way less chance of breakage.

It’s available in five gorgeous colors and also comes with its own accessories: antistatic screen guards, a
microfiber wipe (and squeegee!), connector and headphone jack

You know, I might
accidentally-on-purpose email the link to this post to my husband, just
to let him know how perfect a Mother’s Day gift I think this is…especially if there’s a new iPhone to go with it. Ahem. -Lexi

Prettify your iPhone with a sweet (but tough!) Blossom iPhone cover from Switch Easy