So Mother’s Day is coming up and she’s like the ONLY person who doesn’t have an iPad and darn it, the third version just came out and it’s just about time, right? The only problem is, that you can’t afford to get her one on your own. If you think you can to rely on the generosity of the rest of your family to pool in on that gift, check out GiftSimple.

GiftSimple is as it sounds–a Facebook app that lets you create a gift registry, of sorts, for you or anyone else. You log in through your Facebook account and can immediately start adding coveted items to the registry.

All you have to do is “List Gift,” include a URL and pricing and “Make Your Appeal” on why your friends should contribute. Once you click enter, your gift choice is posted to your wall for your network to see.

As generous people in your network start adding in funds, you can see the little ticker bar growing until you (hopefully) reach your goal. If at any time you change your mind, you can always edit the post or “Cash Out” to receive the money.

Now, I’m the kind of person who could barely tell people where I was registered for my wedding, let alone send out a
public declaration of what others should get me, but for those more comfortable with the concept of asking for gifts, GiftSimple makes the process easier. I can see it more from a “Give Gift” standpoint, when you want to rally Facebook friends and family around a friend’s big milestone birthday, your parents’ big anniversary, or even for a pregnant friend who could use a less stained, beaten-up stroller than the one she’s got now.

The one big caveat–GiftSimple adds a 3% service fee on top of the cost of the item. So for the convenience, you’re paying an extra $15 for that $500 stroller.

Regardless of who the registry is for, whether you or someone else, this app can get the coveted gift to the recipient with the help of friends. And could make for a VERY happy Mother’s Day. -Jeana

Give group gifts with the GiftSimple Facebook app.

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