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Pre-iPhone days (hard to believe there was ever a time), I relied heavily on two things to capture my daily life with my baby – my camera and my Flip video camera. If you can recall the ease of the Flip, the compact design, the big self-explanatory buttons…ah, technology was so simple back then. That’s why so many of us still use them. However, as we sadly announced last year,  the Flip cam is going away and this era is coming to a close. Which is why on April 15th, Cisco will remove all previously stored Flip videos from its FlipShare online platform.  

If you have cherished baby videos stored there (make sure to double check!), we have some reassuring news.

One of Cisco’s technology providers, Givit,
has worked out a deal where FlipShare videos can instantly be migrated
over to their new cloud-based storage system so those precious videos of
hair full of yams can be preserved.

The process is simple. You just have to create
a Givit account and upon doing so, you’ll see a button that says,
“FlipShare Users Get Started.” You log in your FlipShare platform
username and password and then will be given the option of moving over
your entire account information, or just your videos.

The cool thing about this partnership is that once you have moved the
videos, those old clips from a while back can now be viewed on your
mobile device from Givit’s mobile apps, and can be shared via social
media and email securely. It’s like old technology meeting new.

get 2 GBs of free storage when you sign up for an account, and as a
special thanks to Flip users, Givit is offering double the storage space
with any premium upgrade. 
So while it’s sad that the Flip will no longer be supported, at least the videos will be. And that’s what really matters. -Jeana 

The Givit mobile app is available on iOS, Android, web and
PC / Mac. Givit offers free storage of up to 2GBs of video. For users
who would like more storage, Givit offers three premium packages: 10GB,
25GB and 50GB available at $29.99, $49.99, and $99.99 per year,

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