Okay Nintendo fanbois and grrls, if you grew up on Donkey Kong, we’ve found that coffee table you’ve always dreamed about. It’s made to look like an actual Nintendo controller.

And guess what? The controller actually works.

The Nintendo Controller Coffee Table by the Bohemian Workbench on Etsy brings all of your childhood dreams together with adult sensibility and style. And did we mention it has a retractable cord to hook up to your NES and crack out on Mario while gulping Red Bull and hammering a bag of Cheetos?

I mean, um, it can be made to order in a variety of hardwoods and composite with dovetail joinery and stands on mid-century modern legs.

The one pictured is maple, mahogany, and walnut and comes with a glass top for when you want to use coasters and discuss the stock market or maybe keep your kids’ play-doh out of it. Yeah, it costs $3500. And, yeah, if you’re seriously into gaming, it’s probably going to be a little clunky and keep you from getting your highest score ever. But you know what? IT’S A GIANT NINTENDO CONTROLLER THAT’S BIGGER THAN YOUR LABRADOR. –Delilah

Find the Nintendo Controller Coffee Table on Etsy.

[ht tech-stew, jjchow on springpad]


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