Nintendo Game Boy nursery artI love how geeky parents have so many more nursery decor options than they did back when I had my first daughter almost 8 years ago. Talk about slim pickings! These days, you can find art inspired by almost any interest, which is exactly what I dug up on Etsy. Nintendo fans, this one’s for you.

The Nintendo Game Boy nursery print from Cool Mom Picks fave handz shop (designers of that awesome Empire Strikes Back nursery print)
is the perfect retro-fabulous addition to the nursery of a future game lover, a kid’s bedroom, or even a family media room. The Game Boy just pops on the yellow background giving it a cool, modern feel.

And really, it’s so much
better than your original Game Boy displayed in a shadow box. Because
yes, while you never forget your first one — handheld gaming devices
that is — you don’t necessarily have to keep it. -Kristen

You can purchase the Nintendo Game Boy nursery print at ReStyle shop.