With two kids under the age of six running around the house, the importance of keeping tops and tails fresh and relatively clean comes up a lot. A lot.

Personal hygiene is still in work in progress for both of them, but I’m pretty confident that one day, boogers will end up in tissues, and clothes will end up in the hamper. Until then, extra practice germ busting can come courtesy of Pepi Bath.

It’s all about role play in this colorful, quirky app, and kids can choose a boy or girl character to take through various tasks – putting clothes in the washing machine, washing hands at the sink, shampooing hair, and using the toilet to do everything that you do in a toilet.

(What? Everyone poops.)

Characters interact with kiddos via funny facial expressions and say things like “Thank you!” when a task has been completed and “Uh-uh” when something is incorrect, like if you try and use nail scissors to trim hair, or when too much air freshener is sprayed near their face. Super interactive graphics give kids even more to explore–bubbles from the sink can be popped, and bubbles in the bath turn into animal shapes.

Now I need to offer a strong caveat that this app might intimidate or even scare younger kids. My three-year-old is terrified of the bathroom sequence (even though she’s potty trained) mainly because of the sound effects. Your child will hear pee going into the toilet and poop plopping rather loudly into the bowl. However, both characters do keep their private parts under wraps (whew!). It really comes down to knowing your own child best.

My five-year-old on the other hand gets a kick out of the toileting tasks (natch), particularly the old-fashioned chain flush, but can’t understand why toilet paper is thrown into a trash can after wiping instead of the toilet. I don’t get it either. Maybe it’s a European thing? -Pilar

Download Pepi Bath for iPhone and iPad for $1.99 on iTunes.