New photo editing tools at PhotobucketWe were pretty stoked to log onto Photobucket this week (our longtime choice for storing photos online) and say wait…what happened? It’s awesome!

As it turns out, they just partnered with Pixlr to offer incredible photo editing tools for free, a huge improvement over their previous format.

Basically, we think this puts Photobucket back in the running for Picnik alternatives, something we wouldn’t have suggested even a week ago.

If you don’t already have one, simply sign up for a Photobucket account
and you’ll have immediate access to a whole slew of editing tools, beyond the
very basic ones they’ve always had.
Upload photos to your account, select which
you want to edit and then make whatever modifications you like,
including removing red-eye, whitening teeth, cropping, airbrushing (yes,
please), resizing and much more. You can also add special effects and
graphic overlays to the photo, as well as borders, stickers, text–even
touch up your lipstick.
If you’re well-versed in photo editing, you
can switch to the site’s “Advanced” editing interface which gives you
the options very similar to what you’d find in Photoshop, with a
plethora of customizable photo editing options that more experienced
editors are familiar with. Even as a frequent Photoshop user, I found
the basic options to be more than sufficient but it’s nice to know
there’s more in case I need them. 
Let’s face it, there are times when we see
photos of ourselves and notice things we want to change. If you want to
remove that little poppy seed from your teeth or hey, even get an
instant “treatment” to make your teeth whiter, the new editing tools at
Photobucket can help. We won’t tell. -Jeana

Visit for free photo storage and editing, or upgrade to a pro account for $24.95/year or pay $2.99/month