Rock the Vote QR code t-shirt
Technology is amazing, especially when it is used for good and not just to DVR Top Chef marathons or play Draw on our iPhones (totally awesome game by the way). One of the more impressive recent technological advancements in my opinion is the QR code which has revolutionized our interactions with marketers.

Now, we’ve found the first ever QR-code powered t-shirt made with the ever important goal of getting America’s youth to register to vote.

Rock the Vote and clothing company Junk Food, along with PromoJam and Threads for Thought
have all teamed up to use this new techy wonder for good indeed–making sure our country’s young voices are heard. Perfect plan for reaching the first digital native generation.

So how does it work? First, go get your t-shirt at your local Whole Foods starting in April. From there, it couldn’t be any simpler: scan the QR code.
Register to vote right on your smartphone if you haven’t already. Wear the shirt out, and get others to register. Then VOTE! And vote well.- Stephanie M

Grab your Rock the Vote QR code t-shirt starting any day now at Whole Foods

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