Mother’s Day is just around the corner – you can tell because you start seeing more and more people crowded around the greeting card section in your local drugstore. If you want to avoid the crowds and the cards that pass for “humorous” then we’ve always been fans of sending video greetings.

If you’re looking for a quirky kind of message, check out Snap Cuts,
a site that lets you customize free video greetings using a slew of
stock video clips in its library. It’s super easy to use, and they’re pretty funny clips–mostly
black and white from old TV shows, movies, industrial films and commercials.

One of my favorites: two women sitting together lamenting their woes and
one says with a big sigh, You know, if I could just make a decent cup
of coffee, I could relax.
Tough real world problems. 

DIY video greeting cards from vintage clips with SnapCuts
The fun thing about the site is that the clips–in categories like Family,
1950s, Sorry, and Fed Up– are so random and old
school, you could “snap” a few together in minutes and add some text to create your own funny video greeting. If you don’t have
the time to create your own string of clips, you can also check out Snap
Cuts’ “Pre-Mades” which are ready to send out immediately via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

The options for Mother’s Day per se are decidedly limited; the “relationships” category right now stops with friends and marriage. And of course, not everyone has the same idea of humor. But if you dig around, you’re bound to find something that cracks you up.

While we love Animoto for
creating custom video greetings using our own personal photos and
videos, Snap Cuts is fun for doing what the card store aisle does, only with film. And without having to go to the card store aisle.  -Jeana

Make your own video greetings at Snap Cuts

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