For all the spouting off I do about organizing your digital photographs, backing them up and filing them neatly away, I have a confession: My iPhoto is a bogged-down, disorganized mess of a thing. For all that “delete! delete! delete!” preaching I do, I should take some of my own advice more often. Now when I open the program it yawns its way to my thousands of uncategorized photos from the past few years.

Edited to Add: Snapjoy is now closed. We were sorry to see it go!

So when I discovered this brand new online cloud storage for digital photographs, I vowed then and there that this would be my kick in the pants to get my photos organized, cleaned up and most importantly, backed up.


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Snapjoy is a simple way to back up your photos so that they are safe and organized in their online “cloud” storage. Simply upload your photos to their site, and they are protected no matter what happens to your computer.

Edited to Add: Snapjoy is now closed. We were sorry to see it go!

Unlike many other online storage systems out there, I love the fact that Snapjoy was created solely for digital photographs. They have created a system that uses the metadata
stored in each of your pictures to organize your photos by when and where they were taken. And once they are uploaded onto Snapjoy, they are automatically presented in a beautiful chronological system that is easy to navigate.

Snapjoy photo organization

Photos are uploaded in their full-resolution–no automatic downsizing–something many photo storage sites do without explicitly telling you.

And all your photos are private by default. I love that peace of mind; I’ll decide when, where and with whom to share those photos of my kids, thankyouverymuch.

And above all, you can rest easy knowing that your photos are protected and preserved if anything were to ever happen to your computer. Snapjoy even promises to protect on their end as well. They back up copies of your photos across multiple data centers.

Snapjoy is in beta now, so snatch yourself up an account while it is still free. Once beta testing and tweaking is finished, every user will get a free amount
of “photo cloud” space, with the option to purchase upgrades for a small monthly fee. And if you’re a Mac user, a seamless uploading program is available to make the whole thing that much easier.

So no more excuses. New Year’s organizational resolutions may have faded, but now you’ve got a new good excuse to get those photos organized and
Edited to Add: Snapjoy is now closed. We were sorry to see it go!