I’m a music lover. So it comes as no surprise that my kids dig their own crazy cool tunes. To be honest, I’ve shied away from kids’ headphones because of real fears about child hearing loss. In fact, years of Walkman, Discman, iPod listening has left me has probably left me with a bit of my own. So I’m happy to find a great pair of volume-limiting headphones for kids.

Where were the AERIAL7 Arcade headphones when I was little? These cool cans come with Automatic Volume Reduction (AVR), which is as amazing as it sounds. It caps the volume at 85dB, per OSHA standards. When my kids have their headphones on, I don’t have to worry that things are going to get too loud.

(I wish it could cap my children’s actual volume, but that’s a whole other story.)

The headphone style is way hipster to boot. It’s like the super cool AERIAL7 headphones you see around town, but in miniature. Your little dudes and dudettes will be styling for sure. The ear cushions happen to be really comfortable too. My little guy wants to sport the headphones around his neck even when they are not in use, and that’s saying something.

My only minor buzz-kill about this product is the fact that the AVR technology requires an AAA battery. You get one with purchase, but it runs out pretty quickly. Then again, it could just be the way that my music lovers devour their beats. Either way, it’s a pretty small price to play for safer listening.

Learn more about the AERIAL7 Arcade volume-limiting headphones for kids  from AERIAL7 or purchase from our affiliate, Amazon.