Punchcard app
You know those cards you get from various retail establishments that you are supposed to hold onto until each box has been stamped so that you can redeem your free latte, or soup, or frozen yogurt? I must have millions of those cards accumulated, none of which have been redeemed mostly because I can’t find them when I’m at the right shop. Enter an app that aims to change that.

The Punchcard app
is so right up my alley, I’m only mad that I didn’t think of it first.
When I brought my iPad to my local coffee shop to give it a whirl, I had
it do a search of nearby establishments that use Punchcard. Imagine my
surprise when the very coffee shop I was sitting at offers Punchcard.

I’m not going to lie; it was the same feeling I had as a kid and found
out about In n Out’s secret menu. Turns out, even the fruit vendor that
stands on the corner uses Punchcard!

You have
no excuse not to use it, because it’s a free download on your iPad,
iPhone, or Android, and eliminates the waste and eco-fail of all the
paper cards. Go for it. After all, free is a language we all speak.Eva

Punchcard can be downloaded for free at Punchcard.com

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