Benbini watch with time markerI’ve never been much of a watch-wearer, and more of us are in the same boat, using our smart phones to tell time. 

And yet, once you’re a new parent, so much revolves around time: how long has the baby been sleeping? Is it time for a diaper change? When did she last eat? And when did I put that pizza in the oven, because I am totally starving?

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Meet the Benbini, a watch that’s made for moms–by two moms who clearly knew what they were doing. It’s a cute bracelet cuff with a double-bezeled
face that’s also water-resistant–and hopefully resistant to other liquids, as I recall the hazards of those early days of motherhood.

But its true genius lies in those
bezels. All you have to do is twist each bezel to mark how long it’s
been since any given baby-related activity has happened. Hours are on
the inside, minutes on the outside. So when you hear your baby start to
stir, you don’t have to wrack your tired brain to try to piece together
how long she’s been sleeping. Or how long since you’ve nursed. Just glance at your watch.

Besides, it looks so clean and pretty–it may be the fanciest accessory I wear lately. And I’m OK with that. -Lexi

The Benbini watch made just for moms is available on their website–and shipping is free through the end of May!